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"When an eagle's hungry, it doesn't hesitate."
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"Then Learn Fly" is the third episode of the fourth season of Cobra Kai.


Kenny tries to become a student of Cobra Kai with some encouragement from Robby, while Johnny urges Sam to take a leap of faith - in herself.


Johnny and Daniel step onto the Okinawan sparring deck, bow to one another, and begin their class. Sam spars against Daniel while Johnny spars aginast Miguel. They take lunch, with Johnny having a sandwich and Daniel sushi. He offers some to Johnny, who grabs a dumpling. Training continues with Daniel punching a padded-up Johnny, who smiles triumphantly. The class meditates inside the dojo, though Johnny drinks beer in-between breaths. The roles switch, with Johnny being the aggressor to a padded-up Daniel. Johnny beings the crane kick, so Daniel shakes his head and throws the pads down. Johnny offers Daniel half of his sandwich, which Daniel doesn't hate. The students take turns sparring against their senseis. After class, Miguel and Sam share a kiss as Daniel and Johnny shake hands.

Daniel cooks pizza in his oven at the LaRusso house while Johnny watches. Carmen and Amanda laugh on the sofa, deep in conversation. Daniel notices Johnny watching and asks if the pair are having issues. Johnny admits she wants to take it slow. Daniel tasks him with removing food from the stove, but the act is interrupted by a rude Anthony. Johnny doesn't recognize Anthony at first, due to the weight loss. They all sit down for dinner, the women pleased with the way things are going. Carmen asks Daniel about the dealership, to which he's pleased to say it's doing well. He jokes that Sam will take it over one day, but clarifies to Carmen that whatever Sam wants to do she can. He hopes for college degrees. Amanda changes the subject by asking Miguel about school. He's getting straight A's this semester and wants to attend Stanford. He rages about the campus while Carmen brings up tuition, hoping he'll go local, live at home, and save money. Miguel reaches for salad and spills Daniel's wine onto the man's lap. By nighttime, the senseis remind each other of their agree to switch students the next day, before the guests leave.

Terry Silver listens to the radio as he brushes off the creme brulee that his chef made. He attempts to light the torch, but the sound triggers flashbacks for Terry when he was in Vietnam. The clicking reminds him of the time he and his group was captured and the enemy soldier killing his comrade. When the torch lights up, it reminds him of the explosions from the US forces. He's suddenly back in Vietnam when Kreese saves him from the cage. After escaping, the young Terry promises to be there for Kreese for the rest of their lives. In the present day, Terry decides to skip breakfast for a drive.

Kenny arrives at the Cobra Kai Dojo when Kreese asks if he can help the boy. Kenny admits he's looking for Robby Keene, so Kreese calls Robby over. He introduces himself as the younger brother of Shawn Payne much to Robby's surprise. His brother isn't out yet, and there's some kids at school bullying him - one even knows karate. Kreese infroms Kenny that he's interrupting the class, but Kenny didn't know that. Robby vouches for Shawn's fighting skills, so Kreese tests Kenny to see if he's worthy of Cobra Kai's teachings.

The Eagle Fang's stretch before class as they talk about Miguel's dinner with the LaRusso's. He worries he's not good enough for the LaRusso family, but Hawk gives much-needed words of encouragement. The Eagle Fang's think the day will be easy, however, Daniel takes them to the pond which is full of real koi. In an exercise of speed, the first student to catch a fish with their bare hands will get to lead class all week - and pick the flavor of Gatorade he buys. The boys quickly start the lesson as they grab at the water. Miguel smacks at a fish and falls in, much to the amusement of his classmates.

Johnny takes the Miyagi-Do's up several flights of stairs to the roof of a building. Demetri knows this won't bode will, referencing the rabbid dogs sicced on Hawk. They reach a separation from one building to the other. Johnny teaches that an eagle doesn't hesitate when it wants something - it's instinct to attack, not talent. They have to stop their "wait-and-see" method by jumping from one rooftop to the other. Sam calls him crazy, while Demetri uses Nate as a system of measurement to describe the illogical lesson. Johnny reveals, wants to teach them how to fly. Abe worries what will happen if they fall, so Johnny points out the mattresses below and how they should try not to miss them. None of them want to try the lesson, so Johnny decides they won't leave until someone jumps. Sam tells him he'll be waiting a long time as they aren't jumping.

Kenny tries to prove his worth by fighting Kyler. Kenny flinches away from the fight and backs away from the attacks. The class laughs at him, though Kreese doesn't find it funny. He explains that the All Valley Karate Tournament is a couple months and they don't have time for losers or cowards. As a result, Kenny leaves the dojo while Robby watches.

The Eagle Fang's share in their near-catches of the koi fish as they leave class. Hawk offers to take them to a restaurant with a giant fish tank for practice. Miguel can't go as his mom's picking him up. Hawk and Mitch say farewell to Miguel and answers a call from Carmen that reveals that she can't pick him up due to car trouble. Daniel overhears the car trouble, but Miguel assures him that she's going to call a tow. Daniel knows how much they charge and offers to help. Miguel, while reluctant at first, agrees to the help.

Johnny asks Sam why she's not participating in the lesson. She reveals her father told her not to do anything he wouldn't do. Johnny rebuttals that he's just trying to help them survive the All Valley, though she points out his track record of bad judgement. He then brings up her bad judgement calls, including smashing into his Firebird and driving off with her friends. She justifies it as not having been the driver, so he brings up her being drunk at his place so her dad kicked in his door. She angrily points out that she's a teenager who made mistakes, while he's a grown man living alone and drinking all day. He knows he wouldn't be where he is if he followed his parents advice, as he gets to do what he loves everyday, which includes teaching students to find their way. It won't be any problem for him if she wants to sit in the backseat for the rest of her life.

Kreese ends class, and when his students are gone, Silver enters. He tells Kreese to turn around. Silver was living a happy life until Kreese messed with his head and dredged up the past. Kreese thinks if his visit bothered him so much, then he has unresolved issues. Silver insists he's over his issues. Kreese wonders if Silver locked up the memories so tight he forgot who he is, but Silver corrects that he isn't that person anymore. Kreese wonders why Silver's doing there, calling him out for living in some happy ending nonsense. Silver removes his shoes and walks onto the mat, wishing Kreese had let sleeping dogs lie. However, when Silver tells him about the other senseis in the valley, Kreese counters saying he doesn't trust anyone in the world as much as he trusts Silver. Silver is adamant this isn't his fight anymore, but Kreese knows he wouldn't be standing there if he believed that. Silver insists he doesn't miss anything, though Kreese calls him out on it. He calls his friend rusty but Silver expertly deploys a front kick and uppercut, barely missing Kreese, who praises his friend. Kreese reminds him that not all of the memories were bad, but they got through the bad ones together. He wants to finish what they started, but the choice is Silver's. Still reluctant, Silver silently leaves the dojo.

Kenny answers his door to find Robby, who has his backpack. Robby asks how Shawn is, but Kenny reveals he got an extra month for spitting in a guard's face. Robby laughs saying he hopes it's the guard in the computer lab. He knows this is his fault, as Shawn had bad friends at school. Kenny explained that he caught the friend stealing from the Payne's, so the boy attacked Kenny; Shawn intervened and beat him badly. Now, Kenny has no one, but Robby knows he can't be his tutor. He has to focus on the All Valley, which Kenny sadly understands. His phone chimes with a humiliating video of him opening his school locker and milk pouring out. Robby takes the phone and sees the prank, and then offers to show Kenny a couple moves.

In the backyard, Robby tries to teach Kenny moves, but the boy keeps running away. Robby promises not to make contact, but that means Kenny has to stay in the fight. He shows Kenny how to hold his hands and keep eye contact, but the boy still retreats. Kenny reveals that Shawn was always big and strong, but all Kenny can do is run. Robby decides he should use that speed to his advantage.

At LaRusso Auto Group, Daniel shows Miguel how to repair the serpentine belt on Carmen's car. Daniel assures Miguel that he didn't know anything about cars at his age, but now he has billboards. Miguel doesn't think kids who go to community college get billboards. Daniel reveals he never went to college as he blew his mom's savings of "The Daniel Fund" on a round trip ticket to Okinawa — the day of his trip. However, Mr. Miyagi had to see his father and Daniel wanted to be there for him. But thanks to an ice-breaking contest he won more money than he left with, but he then used that to open a bonsai tree store. His path wasn't a straight line, but Miguel's is being written. Daniel reminds him that in Miyagi-Do, you react by moving in a circular motion, moving in the opposite direction of what your opponent expects. He compares that to life, and knows Miguel can make anything happen if he wants.

Johnny accepts that everyone wants to stay in the nest, calling them pathetic. Sam gets a text from Daniel telling her not to do anything he wouldn't do. As the Miyagi-Do's prepare to leave, Sam drops her bag and runs to the edge. She jumps from one rooftop to the next, landing in a forward roll. The students and Johnny celebrate her leap.

Silver takes his medication as he checks his phone to see dozens of messages from Cheyenne. He takes off his robe to look at a scar on his side from a tattoo removal.

In a flashback to 1975, Silver and Kreese get matching cobra tattoos. Kreese's tattoo is on his bicep. They compare their tattoos and like them. Kreese shows him a flyer for the 7th annual All Valley Under 18 Tournament. It started while they were away and he entered Cobra Kai, despite not having any students yet. Silver reveals that his father wants him to take over the company or he'll be cut out of the inheritance. Kreese panics, but Silver assures him that he'll still pay half the rent. Kreese can't do it without him - they started it together and have to see it through together. Silver thinks they will someday, but his father wants him to put karate and Vietnam in the past. He's not sure he can do a normal life ever again. Kreese reminds him that fear doesn't exist as he can get through anything because he has Kreese. He didn't leave him behind in the war and isn't going to now. They shake hands to "Cobra Kai Never Dies".

In the present, Silver echo's the words "never dies". He ominously pulls his hair into a ponytail and smiles at his reflection in the mirror.

Johnny heads to Carmen's apartment, ready to take his own advice to not hesitate and make the first move. He knocks on the door and admits he wants to talk about this now, with her. He steps inside to see Rosa with her friends, but he doesn't care as they can hear this. He explains doesn't want to sit in the backseat anymore, and isn't afraid to take the leap with him. He wants to figure everything out together with her and just wanted her to know, and prepares to leave. She stops him as she agrees. They kiss as the women approve from the background.

Kyler flips a student while Kreese applauds him. Kenny arrives as he wants another shot, though Kreese refuses. Robby tells him to give Kenny another shot as he might surprise everyone. Kreese tells Kyler to make it quick. Kenny squares off and skitters backward again. Kyler mocks him and Kenny sees everyone laughing, mixed with Robby's disapproval. He angers and lunges to punch Kenny in the face. Tory amends him for being fast but Kyler lashes out as Kenny hit him when he wasn't looking. Kreese knows that won't count as a point, though Kenny apologizes as he didn't know the rules. As Kenny is about to leave, Robby nods to Kreese for approval and gives Kenny a spot.

Miguel and the Eagle Fang's try to grab the fish but to no avail. Miguel looks to Daniel and is inspired with an idea. He climbs into the water, encouraging his friends to do the same. Hawk and the others ease in as they follow Miguel's lead of moving in a circle. The koi swim under the board, allowing Miguel to grab one. Daniel congratulates Miguel's hard work.

Johnny faces the Miyagi-Do's, reminding them that if they find themselves in a scary situation they can't back down. Sam calls him sensei as they get ready for practice.

Daniel gives Miguel a Miyagi-Do headband that represents perseverance, courage, and strength. They bow to one another as Johnny watches, upset by the exchange.



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