Tom Cole is the owner of Cole's on Van Nuys, an automotive dealership, and business rival of Daniel LaRusso.


The Karate Kid Part III

In 1985, After Silver was discussing of bribing the grand jury, Terry Silver asks who is the district attorney in this case is (possibly referring who the DA in his illegal schemes in DynaTox Industries) by which Margaret Spencer replies Mr. Cole, it's unknown if he was referring to Tom Cole or another person named Cole.[1]

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Following the vandalism on the LaRusso Auto billboard, Tom Cole ordered 100 sausages and had them delivered to LaRusso as a way of poking fun at the billboard.

Later that day, Daniel LaRusso meets with some marketing executives who show them the latest television ad from Cole's, which blatantly mocks Daniel's own. Suspecting that Cole is responsible for the vandalism, Daniel confronts him at his dealership on Van Nuys. When Cole further insults Daniel over the vandalized billboard, Daniel responds by kicking the Boba tea out of his hand.[2]

Season 2

Tom is not seen in season 2, but it is mentioned that a lot of Daniel's employees have left LaRusso Auto Group to work for Cole's on Van Nuys[3], including Anoush.[4]

Season 3

Tom returns in Season 3 trying buy LaRusso Auto Group from Daniel & Amanda but is told no. Unbeknownst to him, Anoush tells Daniel's employee and cousin Louie Jr that Tom signed a deal Doyona International and convinced them to cut it's ties with the LaRusso Auto Group in the process. Louie reveals this to Daniel and Amanda after Tom and Anoush leave. Some time later, Daniel and Amanda meet Tom at his dealership (most likely), where they mockingly reveal that they aren't selling much to his dismay, combined with Anoush telling him he is quitting and rejoining LaRusso Auto. A angry Tom then tells them their business is going down the drain.

Tom is not seen after this, but his plan fails when Kumiko, Daniel's friend and ex-girlfriend in Okinawa and the Vice President of Sales for Doyona Yuna, whom Daniel saved during the typhoon in 1985, help save Daniel's dealership when Daniel visits Okinawa.


Tom is a rude and arrogant man that enjoys taunting Daniel. When he arrives at LaRusso Auto with the goal of buying in the beginning of season 3, he takes pleasure in mocking the LaRussos, particularly Daniel for their business struggling and falling apart. When the LaRussos reveal they they will not sell and in a mocking way, Tom becomes upset. The way he treats them however, leads to former LaRusso Auto employee Anoush to quit working with Tom and rejoin LaRusso Auto. Following the LaRussos revealing they will not sell, as well as Anoush quitting, Tom angrily says their business is going down the drain, before walking out.


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