"You didn't learn your lesson last time? That's cool. We can give you a refresher course."
―Trey to Robby Keene[src]

Trey is a minor antagonist both in the Season 1, 2 and a very minor antagonist in Season 3 of Cobra Kai. He's a small-time criminal with Cruz and, newly Derek as his companions and formerly, Robby Keene as his companions.


Cobra Kai

Season 1

Trey, along with Cruz, appears as a friend and partner-in-crime of Robby. They can be seen working with Robby to scam out a laptop from a tech store, with intentions to sell it to get money for drugs. Later, Cruz and Trey are hanging out at Robby's apartment doing drugs and watching bad content when the trio gets confronted by Johnny Lawrence.

After Robby lands a job at the LaRusso Auto Group, Cruz and Trey meet him at a café, asking him to obtain the security code of the dealership's garage so they can steal some car parts. While the deal is being agreed on at first, Robby, eventually changes his mind and refuses to give them the passcode when the trio meets in front of the office, resulting in Cruz and Trey attacking Robby, who attempts to fight them with his new karate skills. Eventually they corner him, but quickly run away upon discovering that their activities have been recorded on a security camera.

Season 2

Trey appears again when he and Cruz, along with their new companion, are pickpocketing from visitors at the Beach Country Club. Robby stumbles upon their stash of stolen wallets under a staircase, after which he confronts them, asking them to return the stolen items to their owners. When Robby attempts to fight them, he gets knocked out by a new member of their gang, who hits Robby to the head with a paddle. When Daniel LaRusso intervenes and knocks a knife out of Cruz's hand, Trey taunts Daniel and attacks him, after which Daniel knocks him out along with his other two companions.

Season 3

Trey appears when he and Cruz are visited in prison by Daniel & Johnny in the hopes of telling them where Robby could be as they know where his whereabouts is as Robby was on the run from an arrest warrant during Aftermath. However, they make fun of Robby and Johnny gets angry, threatens them and tells them that they should be scared of him as they are already scared of Daniel. Cruz and Trey listen to Daniel when he snaps at them and they apologize, but Johnny gets angry for not being listened to.

However, Trey & Cruz both mock Johnny's bruises and says he got it from getting his ass kicked and that Daniel knows how to kick ass better than him. In retaliation and anger, Johnny punches Cruz's nose; Cruz attempts to snitch on Johnny, but the two police officers don't care and laugh as they deserve it. Johnny then punches Cruz's nose again and Daniel shouts "Enough" to Johnny and restrains him. Johnny tells them to start talking or he could do this all day. Trey then comes to Cruz's defense and says to Johnny that it is not necessary. Trey then tells Johnny and Daniel that they use to do scamming at Tech Town with Robby in Panorama City and that Robby knows how to get by around there. Daniel tells them that they better be telling the truth and threatens them that if they aren't, he will send Johnny alone next time to deal with. Daniel and Johnny leave the prison and Cruz then complains about bleeding on his nose and Trey asks him if he is crying.

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