Vanessa Rubio with William Zabka on the set of Cobra Kai.

Vanessa Rubio is a Colombian-American actress.

She portrays Carmen Diaz in Cobra Kai.


Vanessa Rubio was born on December 6th in New Jersey. Her parents are both from Bogotá, Colombia. She is an actor, writer and director, and also an accomplished artist who paints in many mediums. Vanessa has acted in such films as How To Be Single (2016), The Hudson Tribes (2016), The Dark Rite (2016) and Liv & Josh (2010). In 2018, Vanessa starred as Carmen Diaz, a main role in the YouTube series Cobra Kai, a role which she reprised Season 2. Vanessa claims that as a child, her older brother was a fan of the original Karate Kid, so she watched frequently.

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