West Valley High School is a high school in San Fernando Valley, California. The mascot is the mountain lion and the colors are orange and blue.


West Valley High School has a long-standing history of involvement in karate feuds, that seemingly began in 1984. Daniel LaRusso, a New Jersey native, moved to the valley and attended the school. He was bullied mercilessly by Johnny Lawrence and Johnny's friends, who all attended a karate dojo called Cobra Kai. The bullying started small with a rivalry on the soccer field but escalated the night of a Halloween dance. In an attempt to seek retribution for the stunts pulled on him throughout the year, Daniel turns the water in a stall on while Johnny and his friends are hiding there. The gang chases Daniel and ultimately catch him, resulting in Daniel being severely injured. Things calmed down for the school after the All Valley Karate Tournament, and the rivaling classmates each graduated.




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