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West Valley High School is a high school in San Fernando Valley, California. The mascot is the mountain lion and the colors are orange and blue.

Film Series

The Karate Kid Part I and II

West Valley High School has a long-standing history of involvement in karate feuds, that seemingly began in 1984. Daniel LaRusso, a New Jersey native, moved to the valley and attended the school. He was bullied mercilessly by Johnny Lawrence and Johnny's friends, who all attended a karate dojo called Cobra Kai. The bullying started small with a rivalry on the soccer field but escalated the night of a Halloween dance. In an attempt to seek retribution for the stunts pulled on him throughout the year, Daniel turns the water in a stall on while Johnny and his friends are hiding there. The gang chases Daniel and ultimately catch him, resulting in Daniel being severely injured. Things calmed down for the school after the All Valley Karate Tournament, and the rivaling classmates each graduated.

Daniel LaRusso also attended the senior prom with Ali Mills, where she dumped him in favor of a UCLA football player.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

At some point, Daniel's daughter Samantha LaRusso enrolled at West Valley High School, alongside her childhood friend Aisha Robinson. When Sam began to hang out with the popular crowd such as Yasmine and Moon, her friendship with Aisha ended, though they still remain in good terms. Sam also began dating Kyler Park, not knowing that he's a bully. Miguel Diaz also enrolled at West Valley High School where he began befriending school outsiders Demetri Alexopoulos and Eli Moskowitz. The school was also the site of the 2018 Halloween Dance, where Miguel Diaz dressed up in a skeleton costume similar to the one worn by Johnny Lawrence during his high school days. However, bullying was involved when Kyler and his gang made fun of Eli, Demetri along with Miguel, mostly due to mocking Eli's lip while Yasmine also made fun of Aisha due to her weight. This also resulted Sam breaking her relationship with Kyler and also being dumped by Moon and Yasmine. But Miguel and Aisha, having learned karate at Cobra Kai by Johnny Lawrence, began to stand up to their bullies. Miguel overpowered Kyler in the cafeteria, while Aisha gave Yasmine a wedgie in a nearby lake. Miguel Diaz's actions at school win over Samantha LaRusso, who begins to secretly date him, but their relationship ends when he accidentally knocks over her while confronting Robby Keene.

Season 2

West Valley High School was known for the infamous school brawl between rivaling dojos Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai. The fight involved Samantha LaRusso facing off Tory Nichols, Robby Keene against Miguel Diaz, Demetri and Chris against Hawk and Mitch, while several other students fought each other. Stingray, who didn't get the job as the school's security guard, also got himself involved in the fight as well. It also resulted other students not involved in the fight to film the brawl as well. But due to escalations, most of the staff didn't want to be involved. The brawl also caused a series of casualties. Tory tried to kill Sam with a spiked bracelet, but she was able to use her Miyagi-Do skills to defeat Tory and knock her off into the stairs. Robby Keene, while fighting Miguel Diaz, knocks him off the balcony and injures him, while Robby decided to run away from the authorities. This resulted a few injured students being sent or admitted to the hospital; Samantha LaRusso suffered stitches, gashes and broken ribs due to her fight with Tory, while Miguel Diaz suffered a broken spine and was rendered comatose and paralyzed.

Season 3

The school brawl resulted in multiple punishments for students, forcing them to either be suspended or expelled from school grounds. Notable students expelled was Tory Nichols, who was sent to a juvenile detention center after being sued by the LaRusso family for attacking Sam, though she was eventually released so she can take care of her mother and younger brother but was placed on probation as an alternative to jail. Robby Keene was also expelled due to nearly killing Miguel, causing him to go on the run from the police but eventually getting arrested. Raymond was later arrested for his role in the brawl and being sent to jail and was told to not go into contact with minors. Samantha LaRusso was suspended for two weeks, making her unable to go to school until her two-week suspension expired. Aisha Robinson, instead of being punished, was transferred to a private school in Santa Barbara by her parents. Meanwhile, Yasmine, after taking a vacation to Paris, began returning to school with Moon as her only friend, but was no longer popular as she was before.

Due to the brawl, the school announced strict rules that a student must undergo security clearance meaning that whoever carries something dangerous are suspended, and whoever was involved in another brawl were either given suspension or detention. But because of the rules, the bullying still continued when Hawk destroyed Demetri's science project and when the Miyagi-Do's and the Cobra Kais played dirty in the soccer field during P.E. class, which resulted Hawk and the rest of the Cobra Kais getting off scot free and Miyagi-Do receiving Saturday detention. The school also had a fundraiser by washing cars to support the injured Miguel Diaz, who has woken up from a coma but was unable to move.

Miguel Diaz eventually returned to school after being able to walk again and was able to convince students such as Bert and Mitch to join Johnny Lawrence's new dojo, Eagle Fang Karate. Kyler still continued bullying Demetri by throwing his lunch and drawing a penis on his cast, though the latter was helped out by Yasmine and they became good friends.

Season 4

The school began inviting middle school students from its counterpart such as Kenny Payne and Lia Cabrera to visit the high school in preparation to go there for the next school year. However, Kenny was confronted by Hawk, Bert and Nathaniel, who told him to leave Cobra Kai due to its merciless teachings. The school was also preparing to invite students for its Junior Prom dance.

Johnny Lawrence visited the school to recruit potential females for Eagle Fang Karate in preparation for the 51st Annual Karate Championships due to the committee allowing a girls competition to be involved. After failing to recruit females in the school's soccer field, they try to recruit Moon only for her to turn it down. However, she directs them to recruit her ex-girlfriend Piper Elswith instead due to her good athletic skills. Although they recruit Piper, she and her best friends Charlotte, Lindsey, and Maya end up joining Cobra Kai Dojo instead. Remembering an idea brought up by Bert, they go to a school debate trial where they recruit Devon Lee due to her quick temper when she rips another person's book. Meanwhile, Amanda LaRusso convinces Tory Nichols to go back to school due to supporting her family, though this still disgusts Sam as she doesn't want the rivalry to continue. When Tory returns to school, Sam threatens her.

Johnny returned to visit the school sometime later so he could speak to Miguel. He found Miguel and Sam walking to class. Miguel told Sam how he was being treated like a teacher's pet, while Sam spoke about having to babysit the Miyagi-Dos while her father spent time with Anthony. During that period of time, students were buying tickets for the junior prom. Johnny wanted to talk to Miguel at the Eagle Fang dojo, but he told Johnny that he had to head to history class. Johnny convinced him to skip class and write a doctor's note, which worked for Johnny in the 1980s.

The night of the junior prom, many students attended the prom. Kyler Park and his friends showed up in a limousine. Robby Keene and Tory Nichols drove to the prom in a red Ferrari, which they were borrowing from their sensei. Miguel and Sam were dancing together. Eli and Demetri had no dates to the prom and were chatting together until Yasmine showed up to dance with Demetri. Miguel and Sam stopped dancing to grab some punch, and noticed Robby and Tory who had arrived to throw Miguel and Sam off-balance.

When dancing had resumed, Robby and Tory stole the show with their dancing to distract Miguel and Sam. Miguel and Sam had called each other out for being distracted by their exes. Raymond, who had participated in the school fight, asked Bert if he could rejoin Cobra Kai. Bert couldn't help him because he was in Eagle Fang. Raymond agreed to the bring the afterparty to his house.

During the slow dance, Tory complimented Robby on his dancing skills. Robby said he learned from his mom while Tory said she was self-taught. After seeing that all the have their whole future ahead of them, Tory said that if she just wins the All Valley Tournament, she'll know she's best at something. She said it was stupid, although Robby reassured her that it wasn't. She leaned her head on his shoulder asked him if Miguel and Sam were still watching them. Robby said that he doesn't care, and Tory agreed with him.




Former Students




Film Series

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4



  • The school is the main location of The Karate Kid.
  • In the original Karate Kid, the school was filmed at Charles Evans Junior High School at Woodland Hills, California, which is also called Hughes Adult Learning Center. In the first season of Cobra Kai, it is filmed at the C.T. Martin Natatorium and Recreation Center in Adamsville, Atlanta, while in the second season onwards, it is filmed at the Atlanta Technical College, though it is partially filmed at the recreation center in a few episodes.
  • The Halloween dance was shown in the first film as well as in Esqueleto, the third episode of the first season.
  • Prom was only mentioned once in The Karate Kid Part II by Mr. Miyagi, but is a major event in the fourth season of Cobra Kai.
  • It is directly affiliated with West Valley Middle School, a separate campus that teaches students sixth through eight grade.
  • In "No Mercy," it became the site of a brawl that started with only Sam and Tory but ended up involving most of the students associated with either Cobra Kai Dojo or Miyagi-Do Karate. Ultimately, one student from each dojo was hospitalized.
  • Mr. Harris was Daniel's history teacher in the first film. His name was not mentioned in the film but was credited as Mr. Harris. He was briefly mentioned by Daniel in Bicephaly.


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