"I just wanted to say, even though I love to fight, we all need to fight together against hatred."
―Xander Stone[src]

Xander Stone is a minor character in the Cobra Kai series. He fights out of the Topanga Karate dojo and is the champion of the 2017 All Valley Karate Tournament.

Pre Cobra Kai

The only known fact about Xander is that he won the All Valley Karate tournament in 2017.

Cobra Kai- Season 1

Xander returns to the All Valley Karate tournament in 2018 in order to defend his title. He advances to the semifinals, defeating Cobra Kai student Aisha Robinson along the way, but he helps her up only to Aisha to say "Eat shit, asshole".

He then faces Cobra Kai's top student Miguel Diaz in the semifinals. Prior to the round he gives a speech about eradicating violence and racism from society, which is applauded by the crowd but poorly thought of by Johnny Lawrence, who right before the match tells Miguel to "kick that pansy bitch in the face".

Despite putting up a good fight and scoring 1 point, he is ultimately defeated by Miguel, who goes on to win the championship. Xander, however, takes the loss of his champion status like a gentleman, bowing to Miguel at the match's conclusion.


Xander is a strong and skilled fighter. He is the former All Valley champion. He is show to flip around a lot. Using a lot of flashy moves, like a spinning jump kick and even a flip kick. However his tendency to use these flashy high kicking techniques can leave him open. We see this when Alisha takes advantage by sweeping his leg. After he attempted a high kick to the her face. Alisha would then get a point for a takedown. But when he used a steady fighting stance, he easily defeated her.

Xander is also really athletic. Being able to perform a kick up after dodging a roundhouse kick. He was also able to flip over Miguel( Although the latter would duck to avoid the kick). Johnny noted that Xander's acrobatic moves can be used to confuse his opponents. He commented on this after Xander performed a kick up. As he said. " don't let him trick you" to Miguel in their fight.

Xander's fighting style appears to be a mix of karate and Xtreme martial arts. This is likely due to the actor who plays Xander, Talin Chat, being a practitioner of XMA.

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues

Xander appears in the video game Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues as a mini boss.


  • Xander can be compared to the following characters:
    • Johnny Lawrence - Both, after getting defeated in his respective match, accepts his loss, and shows good sportsmanship, by congratulating his respective opponent.
      • Xander, after getting defeated by Miguel, bowed to latter.
      • Johnny [a then 17-year-old boy], after getting defeated by Daniel, congratulated the latter (through tears), and handed him his trophy.
    • Darryl Vidal - Much like Xander, Darryl is an acrobatic fighter portrayed by a real life martial artist.
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