"After the whole, you know... front wedgie thing... I know what it's like. Sucks to have everyone laughing at you."
―Yasmine to Demetri[src]

Yasmine is a socially prominent student at West Valley High, an antagonist in season one of Cobra Kai, and a supporting protagonist in season three.

At the beginning of Cobra Kai Yasmine is the prominent and popular queen of her high school. Over the course of season one, however, Yasmine's clique is dismantled and her status seriously damaged by students of the Cobra Kai dojo, culminating with Aisha taking revenge by giving her a front wedgie in front of a huge crowd of her school peers. In season 3, she returns as something of an outcast, and her harsh attitude begins to soften as she realizes she is attracted to Demetri.

Character Biography

Yasmine was born on May 12, 2002. Little is known about her upbringing except that she comes from a wealthy family.  In Cobra Kai season 1 she was the spoiled and vindictive leader of the rich girl clique at West Valley High School.  While not a physically violent person she was still a bully, preferring whisper campaigns and online harassment. She frequently victimized Aisha Robinson and later, Samantha LaRusso. She seemed to rely on Kyler and his pack of bullies to physically harass and intimidate her enemies when she felt the necessity.

In season 3 she has lost her status, and although she can't quite shake her old attitude she becomes a kinder person.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

In the episode Ace Degenerate Yasmine inadvertently sets Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence on a collision course after she crashes her car into Johnny's Pontiac Firebird in a parking lot. Johnny's car winds up being towed to Daniel's auto dealership for repairs, resulting in the two old rivals seeing each other for the first time in many years.

She is then seen in Strike First making spiteful comments about social outsiders Demetri and Eli Moskowitz. Later in the day she tells Sam and Moon that her father is going to buy her a new car due to the accident, after she lied to him that she hit a deer. When Samantha expresses guilt about not alerting authorities about the accident, Yasmine rationalizes that the dangerous-looking, scruffy man shouting at them was probably some "meth-head zombie" who would've chained her, Sam, and Moon up in his basement.

She bullies and looks down on the unpopular crowd, most notably Aisha due to her weight. Her most notable action against Aisha is posting a cruel pig meme of her eating Cheetos during the Halloween dance causing several people to mock her.

When Sam asks Yasmine and Moon why they have been ignoring her In the episode Counterbalance, Yasmine says because Kyler told them that Sam thinks she's better than them, though Kyler was lying to them. While Sam denies, neither believe her, indicating that their friendship is over. They also look down on Sam for going down on Kyler at the movie theater, which was another lie Kyler told them. An angry Sam then hints that Yasmine may be bulimic.

On Yasmine's 16th birthday, Yasmine and her friends arrive at the canyon for her birthday party, only to find the Cobra Kai and a host of uninvited guests from school already there. Flustered, Yasmine tells Kyler to get rid of them, but upon spotting Miguel in the crowd, he quickly gets scared and suggests they find another spot, angering Yasmine. As Kyler leaves, Moon joins the party and Yasmine reluctantly accompanies her. While at the canyon, she angrily confronts Aisha for ruining her party, to which Aisha says they were there first, causing Yasmine to insult her. She then asks Moon to leave with her, but Moon says that she is staying. She also encourages her to apologize to Aisha, like she did. A now angry Yasmine tells Moon she deserves them and walks away, but not before intentionally bumping into Aisha. Fed up with Yasmine's bullying, Aisha gets her revenge by giving her a wedgie so severe it lifts her off the ground. Aisha then drops Yasmine into the dirt, humiliating her in front of everyone.

Season 2

Yasmine does not appear as she is evidently on vacation for the summer in France. She is mentioned in the episodes "The Moment of Truth" and "All In."

Season 3

Yasmine returns to school in Aftermath but her former status is gone; Moon appears to be her only friend while Nathaniel openly mocks her. While she maintains her mean exterior she starts to get to know Demetri in the episode The Right Path when they are partnered on a science project. When Kyler bullies Demetri by drawing a penis on his cast in the episode Obstáculos Yasmine realizes she empathizes with him, especially now that she herself is a laughingstock. She later catches up with Demetri and signs the cast in such a way that makes it look like the two of them are together, turning Kyler's cruelty into a potential boost for Demetri's reputation. In the episode The Good, The Bad, and The Badass, Miguel Diaz and Sam catch Yasmine passionately kissing Demetri in the hallway at school, although Yasmine immediately denies that they are dating and hurries off in embarrassment.


Season 1

Despite her consistently toxic attitude Yasmine is a popular student. Smug and arrogant, she picks on and looks down on people she views as low status, most notably Aisha, and to a good extent Eli and Demetri. Aside from being a bully herself she is openly amused by Kyler's bullying. She is easily manipulated at one point by Kyler, after he lies to her about Samantha saying she is better than her, indicating a possible deep-seated insecurity. Her popularity finally comes to an end when Aisha finally gets her revenge by giving her a wedgie in front of a huge crowd, making her a laughingstock in front of her classmates.

Season 3

Yasmine returns in season 3, at first displaying her old attitude. However, she is no longer queen of the school, but instead is made fun of by the other students for the wedgie incident. After being partnered with Demetri on a school project she begins to see him in a new light, and her personality begins to soften somewhat. After Kyler defaces Demetri's cast, causing a lunchroom full of students to laugh at him, Yasmine does not look amused. Instead, for the first time in the series, she looks concerned about another person. When she signs Demetri's cast later it's the first act of kindness we have seen from her, and when Demetri tells her that he knows how she feels about being made fun of her face lights up in a genuine smile. This later blossoms into an actual attraction.

Yasmine does not bully anyone throughout season 3, indicating that she's becoming a better person. However, she remains very prideful, saying that she would never date a "freak" like Demetri after she's caught kissing him by Miguel and Sam. However, even as she insults Demetri she makes eyes at him and touches his chest as she departs.

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues

Yasmine appears in Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues as a boss in the game who uses kiss based attacks similar to Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat.


Cobra Kai, season one

Cobra Kai, season two

Cobra Kai, season three

  • She turned 16 years old in Different but Same, which was a week before the All Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament.
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