"Seriously, Moon? Do these look like people I'd invite?"
―Yasmine, upon discovering that the Cobra Kais hijacked her party.

Yasmine is a socially prominent student at West Valley High and an antagonist in season one of Cobra Kai.

Fictional Character Biography

Little is known about Yasmine's upbringing except that she comes from a wealthy family.  In Cobra Kai season 1 she is the spoiled and vindictive leader of the rich girl clique at West Valley High School.  While not a physically violent person she is still a bully, preferring whisper campaigns and online harassment. She frequently victimizes Aisha Robinson and later, Samantha LaRusso. She seems to rely on Kyler and his pack of bullies to physically harass and intimidate her enemies when she feels the necessity.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

At the beginning of Cobra Kai Yasmine is the prominent and popular queen of her high school, quite similar to Regina George or Priscilla from Not another teen movie. Over the course of season one, however, Yasmine's clique is dismantled and her status seriously damaged by students of the Cobra Kai dojo, culminating with Aisha taking revenge by giving her a wedgie in front of a huge crowd of her school peers.

In the episode Ace Degenerate Yasmine inadvertently sets Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence on a collision course after she crashes her car into Johnny's Pontiac Firebird in a parking lot. Johnny's car winds up being towed to Daniel's auto dealership for repairs, resulting in the two old rivals seeing each other for the first time in many years.

She is then seen in Strike First making comments about Dmitri and Eli, who are social outsiders, then turns her attention as to how her father bought her a new car due to the accident, lying to her parents that she hit a deer. When Samantha expresses guilt about hitting the car and not alerting authorities about the accident, Yasmine rationalizes that the dangerous-looking, scruffy man shouting at them was probably some "meth-head zombie" who would've chained her, Sam, and Moon up in his basement.

In the episode Counterbalance Sam hints that Yasmine may be bulimic, but this is not substantiated further.

The motivations behind Yasmine's cruelty are not explored in the first season of Cobra Kai.

Season 2

Yasmine does not appear as she is evidently on vacation for the summer in France. She is mentioned in the episodes "The Moment of Truth" and "All In."


Cobra Kai, season one

Cobra Kai, season two

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