Yukie is Kumiko's aunt and the former girlfriend of Mr. Miyagi. Yukie is a secondary protagonist in The Karate Kid Part II.

Yukie is portrayed by Nobu McCarthy.

It is unknown what her status is in the TV series. However, as her actress Noby McCarthy died in 2002, it can be assumed Yukie is deceased.

Behind the scenes

The character of Yukie was a last minute addition to the film. Originally the love interest of Kesuke Miyagi was intended to be a woman born to a Japanese mother and a British father, and the producers had in mind British actress Lynne Frederick. The script for the second film would have had Mr. Miyagi fleeing over the stigma of his younger self professing his love for a hapa, or half-Japanese woman. Frederick, who had retired from acting in 1978, expressed interest in the part, but ultimately decided against coming out of retirement as she had a small daughter to care for.

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