Yuna is the vice president of sales for Doyona International, a Japanese car distributor, whose childhood chance encounter with Daniel LaRusso helps save his car dealership decades later.


The Karate Kid Part II

A typhoon hits Okinawa and Yuna climbs a pole to ring a warning bell. She becomes stuck at the top of the pole when the storm hits, dangerously close to power lines. Despite the heavy rain and strong winds, Daniel LaRusso climbs the pole and encourages Yuna to hold onto him. He helps her down and saves her life. Chozen Toguchi refuses to help Daniel save Yuna, despite Sato Toguchi's orders. She was also present at the O-bon festival, where she thanks Daniel for saving her. She was so grateful that she allowed Daniel to follow her lead in the dance, to prevent him from making mistakes. She also witnesses the fight between Daniel and Chozen.

Cobra Kai

Season 3

Before Daniel leaves Okinawa, Kumiko meets him, bringing a second woman whom Kumiko identifies as a friend of both of theirs. Daniel is unsure of who she is until she reveals that they had met when she was a child during a typhoon. Daniel realizes that it's Yuna and remembers saving her life when she was a child and is delighted to meet her again, asking how Yuna is doing and complimenting her perfect English. Yuna tells Daniel that she works in international sales for Doyona International to his surprise, clarifying that she is their Senior Vice President of Sales. Daniel asks if he can buy Yuna a drink and she tells him that she hopes so since Yuna is about to save Daniel's business.


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